The Plat of Springhaven had many engineering and layout challenges.  The largest of which was related to stormwater, specifically that there was very little grade available to design a conventional detention and water quality system, which to function efficiently needs elevation change across the facility.

The solution, was to mitigate and enhance the existing on-site wetlands into large very shallow detention systems.  Prior to discharge into the wetlands, the project stormwater is treated, then allowed to flow into the on-site wetlands.  By design, the depth of the water is closely controlled to allow hydration of the wetland plants and animals, but not so deep as to be harmful to them.  This allowed us to utilize the site stormwater to hydrate the existing wetlands, and enhance them with extensive plantings and additional habitat.  The end product is a functioning water quality/detention system that provides far superior wetland functions and values for the animals and the environment.