October 27, 2003 Site Development Associates set up shop in downtown Bothell with four full time staff members. Today we are located on the Everett waterfront and employee a staff of sixteen. Happy Anniversary SDA! Congratulations on 15 years!


I-405/ SR 167 Direct Connect

During the weekend of Sept. 22-23, our contractor crew closed southbound SR 167 in Renton to install the final piece of a new fish culvert below the roadway. More than 100 workers excavated 4,000 cubic yards of dirt to create a hole that was more than 20-feet deep to place the new culvert section, which measures 10 feet tall, 14 feet wide and 56 feet long. The culvert connected to a section that was installed in July. 

Staff Outing- Ptarmigan Ridge


September 18, 2018- A gorgeous day was spent hiking Ptarmigan Ridge by a handful of team members. At a mile high the vegetation was sparse and the views of Mt Baker spectacular.